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Permanent Compressed Air Monitoring

Optimal compressed air system performance, defined by efficiency, reliability and air quality, has now become the main goal when operating, installing, purchasing or designing compressed air products. Whether you are the air compressor manufacturer, distributor or end user – everyone in the compressed air industry needs to be aware and work towards these goals.

Airleader Wins 2016 Energy Efficiency Award Challenge

Airleader's compressor management system was honored with the coveted Energy Efficiency Award at the 2016 Energy Award Challenge by the German American Chamber of Commerce April 8, 2016. Airleader is in business to make your business more profitable through compressor...

Guidelines for Energy Management

The Department of Energy put together this graph of Guidelines for Energy Management. It's an action plan that ties in perfectly with the Airleader system.

What Does a Leak Cost?

According to Compressed Air Challenge of the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Industrial Technologies, the total cost of 100 psig compressed air has been calculated to be between $0.18/1,000-cu-ft and $0.32/1,000-cu-ft. Fixing a single small leak in a plant...

Hoetzel Named to Compressed Air Challenge Board of Directors

Jan Hoetzel, Airleader US, was selected for the Compressed Air Challenge Board of Directors December 2015. The Compressed Air Challenge is a voluntary collaboration of industrial end-users, manufacturers, distributors and their associations; consultants; state research and development agencies; Energy Efficiency organizations; and utilities.

Herman Miller Cash positive in first year

The AIRLEADER Compressor Management System was retrofitted to an existing compressor system at Herman Miller, located in Spring Lake MI. The installation of the AIRLEADER system led to a dramatic reduction of energy in hidden or sleeping energy losses which...

Molex, Inc.’s Air Compressor Study

Molex, Inc. repiped their air compressor system, repaired air leaks, added a high-tech Airleader control system to monitor equipment electronically and also added a large compressed air storage tank. Since the 2007 audit, the facility’s average system airflow...