Airleader Master Controls

Airleader controls have been developed to assure the most efficient use of compressors. The latest series is a web-based graphical user interface and system data is accessible from anywhere in the world. The Airleader is the first intelligent, self-learning controller on the market.

Airleader Monitoring

Airleader captures essential system performance data and monitors critical air quality data. The Airleader suite of products which includes the intelligent Compressor Master Controller can help increase your system reliability and capture essential key performance data. Critical air quality data may also be monitored.

Airleader Data Logger

Airleader Data Logger

The Airleader data logger has been developed for compressed air system audits. The one second readings and long time data logging capabilities paired with easy to evaluate and read data and charts, make this a best in class product.

System Simulation

Our Master Controller as well as our Data logger can be used to generate simulation. We take you demand and provide various scenarios how a new compressor is complementing you system and what the energy savings will be from such an investment.