Airleader Monitoring

Airleader captures essential system performance data and monitors critical air quality data. The Airleader suite of products which includes the intelligent Compressor Master Controller can help increase your system reliability and capture essential key performance data. Critical air quality data may also be monitored.

“The Airleader compressor management system that is installed here at Herman Miller, Inc. has become a very valuable tool that we use to control our compressors and monitor our air quality. This system saves us energy by maintaining our air demand with the most efficient set of compressors and allows us to monitor their performance. The quality of our air is also monitored with high and low limit alarms set for pressure and dew point, this allows us to respond quicker when events occur that could affect our manufacturing processes.”
Jeff Hawkins
Herman Miller, Inc.

Performance features to ensure efficiency and safe operation:

Statistical Data

Load/idle graph clearly shows the savings effect. Simply mouse click on the desired time period. Display options include specific performance and compressed air costs.

Specific Performance Outline

The Airleader enables you to immediately check your ongoing energy costs and therefore help you maintain your benchmarked values.

Worldwide Access

Check the efficiency of your compressor station from anywhere via the internet.

Any Number of Users

Up to 50 users can access the online visualization via a web server without any loss of speed.

Easy Programming via PC

Web-server Plus is designed for user friendly remote programming.

Entire Week's Comparisons

Data is calculated in high resolution -1 x /sec and displayed graphically, enabling precise evaluation of the entire compressed air station.

Temperature, Pressure Dew Point, Flow, Flow Graphs...

A multitude of sensors can be easily connected (4-20mA) and displayed in graphic high definition. Excess of limit values causes alert messages to be generated-via e-mail, fax, or SMS according to individual requirements.

Long Term Monitoring

The integrated memory has a storage capacity of at least 2 years (with 16 compressors).

Key Performance Data

Load and idle operation hours, consumed kWh, generated air, specific performance, energy costs in local currency, motor starts and load changes.