Molex, Inc.’s Air Compressor Study

Molex, Inc. repiped their air compressor system, repaired air leaks, added a high-tech Airleader control system to monitor equipment electronically and also added a large compressed air storage tank. Since the 2007 audit, the facility’s average system airflow requirements have increased by approximately 43 percent. The retrofitted system has been capable of providing the additional airflow and the system operating cost is only 5 percent above the pre-retrofit cost.

Estimated Annual Savings of $93,856 (If plant airflow requirements had not increased)
Demand reduction 298 kW
Energy savings from reduced system operating pressures 742,000 kWh
Energy savings from repaired leaks 125,000 kWh
Energy savings from reduction of compressors 2,607,000 kWh
Doug Badje and Randy Kaup of Molex, Inc.

The greatest benefits we’ve received since upgrading our compressed air system have been the savings of time and energy. In a one-half-million-square foot plant, being able to quickly identify where the system problem is located, the faster we


Also, we are now able to better monitor the system and save energy by recognizing which compressors to start and stop” said Randy Kaup, Molex Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

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