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Central Compressor Controls

Optimal compressed air system performance, defined by efficiency, reliability and air quality, has now become the main goal when operating, installing, purchasing or designing compressed air products. Whether you are the air compressor manufacturer, distributor or end user – everyone in the compressed air industry needs to be aware and work towards these goals.

The December 2016 Compressed Air Best Practices article Permanent Compressed Air System Metering and Monitoring a two-stage audit is reviewed. The factory with more than 10,000 cfm was audited with a master controller for two months for the first stage which also included adding an energy-efficient dryer and VFD compressor. The two months of data automatically collected by the Airleader Master Controller revealed a massive volume of leaks. The repair of these leaks quickly became the focus of phase two.

If you missed the article, you can download it and learn how this company saw great financial benefits from the installation of permanent compressed air system metering and monitoring.

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