Airleader Data Loggers

The Airleader data logger has been developed for compressed air system audits. The one-second readings and long-time data logging capabilities paired with easy to evaluate and read data and charts, make this a best in class product.

Airleader Data Logger is designed specifically to perform compressed air audits. With one-second data readings it is the most precise data logger for long term (week-long) audits available.

“Airleader has been a great product for us to offer our customers. MPG has the most unique system with four variable displacement compressors out of the five compressors in operation being controlled by Airleader, and it has worked out great. The Airleader system is continuously used as a showpiece for us.”

Steve Briscoe
IAC Air Compression

“The Airleader compressor management system that is installed here at Herman Miller, Inc. has become a very valuable tool that we use to control our compressors and monitor our air quality. This system saves us energy by maintaining our air demand with the most efficient set of compressors and allows us to monitor their performance. The quality of our air is also monitored with high and low limit alarms set for pressure and dew point, this allows us to respond quickly when events occur that could affect our manufacturing processes.”

Jeff Hawkins
Herman Miller, Inc.

“This project is an example of how awareness of compressed air costs can act as a catalyst for change. The plant personnel acted on this knowledge by seeking help from compressed air service providers who could provide innovative solutions to their challenges. The Airleader control system not only increases the efficiency, but allows personnel to constantly check and correct the system to maintain optimum efficiency.”

Information made available by the Airleader Data Logger includes:

Detailed system profile with graphs of airflow, net pressure, dew point, temperature and more

System utilization

Key performance index (kW/100CF and kWH/100CF)

Motor starts/load/unload cycles

kWh energy use based on true 3 phase kWh metering

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