Data Analysis and Reporting: Airleader collects and analyzes data related to compressor operation, energy consumption, and system performance. It generates comprehensive reports and visualizations, enabling better decision-making and optimization of the compressed air system.


Maintenance Optimization: The system provides valuable insights into the compressor & performance, maintenance requirements, and potential issues. This helps in scheduling preventive maintenance, reducing downtime, and extending the lifespan of the compressor.


Remote Monitoring and Control: Airleader provides remote access to monitor and control the compressor system. This allows for real-time data analysis, performance tracking, and troubleshooting, even from a remote location.

Smart Air at Lacks Industries

Lacks Industries recently became the first U.S. company to install a German-made device that its manufacturer says can save nearly a third of the energy a business uses to produce compressed air. Read More: MIBIZ20080902

Airleader New Technology for North America

Airleader New Technology for North America Read More (PDF)

Airleader Energy Savings

Airleader Energy Savings Read More (PDF)

Compressed Air Best Practice Magazine Product pick of the month

Compressed Air Best Practice Magazine Product pick of the month Read More (PDF)


ADA – Compressed air might not be what most manufacturers lose sleep over, but it is one area where waste can add up. The key to getting manufacturers to notice their compressed air operations is to show them what savings they could realize if they had more efficient systems, and that’s Jan Hoetzel’s job at AirParent

Compress Your Air Cost

Compressed air, often called the 4th utility, is one of the most expensive energy sources used in industrial plants, yet most plants have no reliable way to measure how efficient their compressed air systems are operating and how much it is costing them. In comparison, the owners of traditional utilities such as electricity, gas and Compress Your Air Cost

Molex, Inc.’s Air Compressor Study

Molex, Inc. repiped their air compressor system, repaired air leaks, added a high-tech Airleader control system to monitor equipment electronically and also added a large compressed air storage tank. Since the 2007 audit, the facility’s average system airflow requirements have increased by approximately 43 percent. The retrofitted system has been capable of providing the additional Molex, Inc.’s Air Compressor Study